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The plague epidemic that occurred in the 14th century killed at least 60 million people who could not be helped. The doctors of Zovirax pills could not explain the causes of the fatal disease and did not have the means to save the sick. Modern doctors, who have antibiotics in their arsenal, successfully cope with bubonic plague.

Complex therapy is carried out, including the active use of acyclovir pills online. To eliminate the manifestations of intoxication, saline solutions are introduced.

  • The patient is immediately hospitalized in the infectious diseases department, where they are placed in an isolated box.

    Marmots and other types of rodents (black rats, ground squirrels, mouse-like rodents) as well as lagomorphs of various species often turn out to be natural reservoirs of infection. Plague disease can be spread by cats, dogs, foxes - predators that destroy rodents.

  • The carriers of bubonic plague are fleas that previously fed on the blood of an infected animal.

    When they bite a person, bacteria (Yersinia pestis) - the causative agents of acyclovir - enter the bloodstream, spread through it, deposited in the lymph nodes and lead to the formation of a bubo - a significantly enlarged lymph node in the neck, in the armpit or in the groin.

  • It is in the bubo that plague sticks multiply - microorganisms that can kill a person in just 4 days.

    Depending on the form of the disease, an infected person may be the transmitter of the plague. In this case, infection occurs by airborne droplets. Bubonic plague is the predominant form of plague in humans, an acute natural focal disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, carried by rat-parasitic fleas that can be transmitted to humans. Plague is one of the most dangerous infections.

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    Possible complication of bubonic plague with plague pneumonia, which leads to the development of a pneumonic form of plague and the possibility of further spread of infection by airborne droplets. 1 Treatment of bubonic plague 2 Notes 3 Literature 4 References.

  • The Black Death is a disease that is now legendary.

    Historically, bubonic plague has become the first form of plague that can be treated - the first cured patients appeared with the invention of anti-plague vaccines, and with the introduction of streptomycin and other antibiotics into medical practice, almost all patients recover if treatment is started on time.